About Me

Ruth's favoriteI’m a Christian, a writer, a reader, an Austen fan, a linguist, and Brenda Cox by Mary Denman Photography 2(well, at least I used to be) an engineer. Austen’s world was in the process of transformation, and both faith and science led the changes. I love connections between ideas and people. And, yes, all these things are connected. I’m seeking more joy in my life. Ultimately I find it in God. But on the way He gives me gifts of joy in writing and in learning. I love delving deeper into Austen’s writings and her world, and I love learning about God’s church and His people in Austen’s world, and about science in that world. Science after all means “knowledge,” knowledge of the world He designed and made. We learn about God through His Word and through His works in His world, and this blog explores them both! I hope to share with you both information and inspiration.

In October 2022 my book, entitled Fashionable Goodness: Faith in Jane Austen’s England, first appeared. I discovered so many fascinating things about the church in Austen’s England that I wanted to share them with you all! My next project is to write a novel, a sequel to Sense and Sensibility.  It will show Marianne after Col. Brandon dies, and include themes of faith and science, Lord willing.